Your mission is global; the world is your office and the network your lifeline - We keep you connected

Envistacom designs, implements and operates secure telecommunication networks and develops custom applications so you can work where and how you need to. We devise and deliver complete and practical solutions to your toughest telecommunication challenges.

Supporting both tactical deployments and peacekeeping missions, we have extended the reach of critical government and military C4ISR assets, through the design and operation of highly secure telecommunications networks.
Our solutions are the product of ingenuity and years of field experience, gathered side by side with our customers.
NIPR and SIPR, to headquarters, garrison and beyond; our performance standard is simple – mission success through superior network implementation.

Our connectivity solutions go beyond bringing the cloud to wherever you business dictates. Envistacom makes your back-office applications mobile, and transports them to your employee’s hands via secure and reliable cloud powered networks.
Remain connected to your back-office applications and processes; turn your business applications mobile. Empower your team with the custom applications you want to run your business wherever they may be.

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Envistacom is a privately-owned technology company providing end-to-end communications and networking solutions to defense, government and commercial enterprises.

Our team works responsively to implement high-quality, high-value solutions that increase your efficiencies and lower your operational costs. We bring technology and innovation together to deliver solutions that allow you to advance your business goals.

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User Interface Design in the Defense Industry

2/1/2014 8:20:43 PM

By Tom Cox - Vice President of Special Programs.
Soldiers are taught very early on in their career - usually by seasoned non-commissioned officers (NCOs) - three inescapable truths about military equipment:  It’s hard to use, it breaks a lot, and it’s hard to use.  Soldiers just accept for a fact that military technology, especially software, will be difficult to understand and operate.  

Bathed in Bandwidth

2/10/2014 1:16:14 AM

By Tom Cox - Vice President of Special Programs.
Humans today live in an era of unprecedented connectivity. Never before in human history - or the history of our planet for that matter - have inhabitants of Earth been so connected to one another.

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